Whit if Thare wis Public Safety Advice
oan the Brent-New Pestilence o 1348?

If ye hae been fair awa
or hae met onyane traivellin
frae a kennt hot-spot
ie Asia Minor, the Crimea,
Genoa not Venice
an ye begin tae shaw
the followin signs:

Myld filever,
spreckle-lik spots,
pechin ,
byles in the oxters

an if it isnae possible locally
tae thraw a jew
or a humphy-backit wummin
doon a well, dinnae fash –

adopt the following meesures:

buy or mak a mask wi a big beak
an bide cosy in yer hoose!
Thare is nae evidence
the disease spreids tae pets
sae dinnae fret aboot yer rottans ,
looses, golachs, sclaturs
or mites they will be jist braw.