• Haphazardly in the Starless Night (Luath) 2021
  • Whit If (Luath) 2021
  • Dead Good Scots (editor) by various poets (Roncadora Press) 2021
  • There’s Ma Mammy Wavin (editor) by Josie Neill ((Drunk Muse Press) 2021
  • ‘McMillan’s Galloway’ Paperback reissue- Luath 2021
  • ‘Dodeka’- Roncadora 2020
  • The Conversation of Sheep – (Luath 2018)
  • Heliopolis – (Luath 2018)
  • Sheepenned – (Roncadora Press 2016)
  • Not Actually Being in Dumfries – (Luath 2015)
  • McMillan’s Galloway – (Luath 2015)
  • The Other Creatures in the Wood – (Mariscat 2014)
  • Thin Slice of Moon – (Roncadora, Dumfries 2012)
  • The Lost Garden – (Roncadora, Dumfries 2010)
  • Strange Bamboo – (Shoestring, England 2001)
  • Aphrodite’s Anorak – (Peterloo, England 1996)
  • Horridge – (Chapman Edinburgh 1995)
  • Tramontana – (Dog and Bone Glasgow 1990)
  • Numerous other pamphlets and chapbooks

Hugh’s poems have been anthologised in ‘The Edinburgh Book of 20th Century Scottish Poetry’ (Edinburgh University Press) ‘The Methuen Book of Poems for Every Day’ (Methuen) ‘Twentieth Century Scottish Literature’ (Mainstream ) ‘Oxford Poets 2002’ (Carcanet), ‘Best British Poems of 2012’ (Salt), the Scottish Poetry Library Anthologies ‘Kin’ ‘The Poem goes to Prison’,‘Best Scottish Poems of 2005, 2009 and 2016, and many more. His poems have featured in three National Poetry Day postcards. His poems and stories have been broadcast on radio on several occasions, for instance on ‘Poetry Please’ on Radio 4.

Prose Commissions

Hugh McMillan has accepted various prose commissions including the Wigtown Book Festival’s ‘McMillan’s Galloway’ (WBF and Luath Press), ‘Dumfries, a History and Celebration’, (Frances Frith), and ‘Conflict and Cooperation’ (Hodder and Stoughton) a history book for schools which went into six different editions. He has also written commissioned articles for various journals including the Herald and The Times Literary Supplement.

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