Hugh has been involved in many collaborative projects with other artists in the region and outside.

For instance he wrote the words for the song cycle ‘Tidemarks’ about the River Nith in collaboration with composer Suzanne Parry John.

He also wrote a verse libretto for an opera based on the story of Jekyll and Hyde, in collaboration with the New Zealand born composer Derek Williams. Most recently he and the artist Hugh Bryden devised and facilitated the successful ‘Forgotten Doors’ project in Dumfries. Hugh Bryden and he co-host occasional book making and writing courses, most recently at the Scottish Poetry Library in October 2017.

In 2018 Hugh McMillan began a collaboration with the French based artist Robert Campbell Henderson entitled ‘Elspeth Buchan and the Blash o God’, which exhibited in Le Tremouille, France, Thomas Tosh, Thornhill, The Wigtown Book Festival, The Stove, Dumfries and the Scottish Poetry Library from June – December 2019. More events are planned for 2020. In December 2019 and the beginning of January 2020 ‘The Conversation of Sheep’ was used as the inspiration and focus for a series of concerts in Dumfries and Galloway with the Cairn Chorus.

In 2020 Hugh McMillan was appointed a ‘Poetry Champion’ for the Scottish Poetry library, commissioning new work from poets in the South of Scotland and promoting the work of the Library.

He also curates #plagueopoems a lockdown video poetry blog which has featured, so far, 140 poets from all over the world.

He is currently editing the new Edition of Poets Republic, and is co-founder of Drunk Muse Press, editing in 2021 poetry collections by Harry Smart, George Gunn, Josie Neill and the poems and prison memoirs of the Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour.

He is also editing/curating ‘Dead Guid Scots’, an installation and publication by Roncadora Press featuring 30 Scottish poets.

Another exhibition with the artist Robert Campbell Henderson, featuring five Dumfries and Galloway antiquities, will be released later in 2021 as will, hopefully, his new poetry collection, ‘Haphazardly in the Starless Night’ from Luath.

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Scottish Poetry Library Champions Project

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Galloway to the World

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A Plague of Poetry

#plagueopoems A blog of video poems curated by Hugh McMillan over the period of the coranavirus lockdown, March-May 2020, featuring 50 poets from Scotland and beyond

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Coronavirus: Bringing poets together to share a ‘storm of emotions’

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Poems at the SPL

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Podcasts at the SPL

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Hugh McMillan reads at the Harvard Summer School

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Extract from Tidemark Collaboration with Susan Parry John

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Elspeth Buchan and the Blash o God

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Conversation of Sheep with the Cairn Chorus

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